Welcome to the homepage of our firm: KONTEKA CZ s.r.o.


Our firm has specialized itself in elaborating the documentation of production of steel hall constructions, industrial bridges, staircases, ladders and pipeline systems.


Technical documentations being elaborated in compliance with the and DIN Standards. We work with the help of efficient equipment, Your order will be treated in the AutoDESK firm products.


Elaborating stress analysis, list of parts and an extract report on connecting material are considered to be apparent parts of the project. This would help you not only to save some financial sources, which are certainly essential for the individual parts production, but it also enables you to save time in assembling operations and transport.


Anticipating close cooperation with the producing company we are able to ensure production and supply of Your order in compliance with the valid and DIN Standards.


An establishment of contact and based material supply for working the project up should be the starting point of mutual cooperation between us.


Herein we afford to submit a part of one of many hall and pipeline system projects to you, which we have already worked up.